THOR works on vehicles with standard engine power as well as on tuned vehicles. Optimized clutch pressures, faster and smoother shifting, as well as more traction on the rear axle mean that THOR is the perfect addition to your engine tuning.

The flash process can at times be interrupted, e.g., through accidental removal of the adapter, your smartphone battery dying, or something similar. That is not a problem at all. Simply restart the flash process. THOR identifies when your control device is in boot mode and loads it for a renewed flash. THOR is a 100%-safe tuning method.

Yes, we just released a THOR Android version!

This symbolizes that the flash was successful. In automatic mode, a C is always indicated on the gear indicator instead of a D.

That is correct – the display changes after the DCT flash.

For THOR to work, we also had to develop our own adapter, since none of the OBD WiFi adapters on the market were suitable for flashing a vehicle. THOR is therefore compatible only with the adapter that we developed.

No, the THOR transmission package can be flashed only onto vehicles with dual-clutch transmission.

You can view the flash history by selecting “Vehicle” from the menu. This displays all your flashes. CAUTION: The history is saved on your smartphone. This information is lost if you delete the app.

You can flash several vehicles with THOR. However, every license is assigned one VIN and user and can be run on only one vehicle. If you want to flash several of your cars with THOR, simply add another vehicle under “Vehicles” and purchase the required license.

THOR checks the battery voltage of your vehicle before every flash. If the battery voltage is less than 12.0V, THOR will not start the flash process. We recommend connecting your vehicle to a power supply during the flash process. To recharge your battery, drive your vehicle in between the flash processes without switching on large power consumers.

You need to switch off your JB4 before you can flash THOR on your vehicle. In this mode, the flash works to a 90% extent. Should something still fail to work, simply unplug your JB4 before you start a flash process with THOR. You can then turn it on again and plug it in.

NO! Tuning using THOR does not delete any pre-existing adaptation values. Furthermore, we strongly advise against deleting these values from your vehicle.